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We carry the most elite tackle brands in the country

We carry only the best fishing gear for our customers. Our inventory includes brands like Googan Baits, Berkley, Zoom Bait Co., SPro, and many more, so whether you’re fishing for Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, or Catfish- we’ve got you covered.

Our family owned store carries thousands of the best lures, jigs, reels, and baits. And we ship all across the country, so that you can fish like a pro wherever you go. 

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Terry (CEO) and Ali (COO)

A letter from our CEO

Our family has always been on the water; For nearly a century we have bonded by the lakes, oceans, and rivers that surrounded us. Whether it be boating, skiing, snorkeling, or even fishing for dinner, we’d be out there from sunup to sun down.

My first memory is of me fishing as a small child, I was probably only three or four years old. I was with my Pop Pop, known by many as W. E. Rogers Jr. Of course many years have passed now, but I still vividly remember being on that river with crystal clear waters and loose rock, hooking a Trout so big it was dragging me into the water. Looking back on it, that was probably when my love and fascination for fishing and wildlife truly began. That fish was probably bigger than I was, but I wasn’t willing to give up. My Pop Pop had to grab me by the shoulder and help me reel that sucker in. We did it together. Back in those days most people didn’t have big, fast Bass boats. My grandfather was one of the lucky few to get to own one of these while most people were idolizing them on TV and in the Magazines. I still don’t know how he pulled that off. Fortunately, it’s hard to forget something so special. It was a green Astro Glass with a 50 horsepower Evinrude on it, and man it was nice. I remember going Crappie fishing with him in that boat all summer. He taught me about stick ups, and how to find fish. He was a master. He even taught me how to fly fish – most people don’t understand the technique and the fun of catching fish in that manner, but he did. And he taught me, too. A few years later my grandfather passed away and at the age of 12 that green Astro Glass bass boat became mine. I spent all of my time there learning how to fish, and learning how to be a man.

Later in my life I had the joy of teaching my daughters, Brittany and Ali, how to fish and passed along some of these molding experiences that I too had once received. Of course every time we’d go out we’d be fishing for Bluegill somewhere on a Kentucky lake. At that time Ali was about 7 and had a pet fish named Swimma that she had won at a school fall festival (this noteable fish defied all odds and ended up living another 8 years). Every time she would catch a fish she would ask “can I please put it in the tank with Swimma, please!” I had to explain each time that the Bluegill would obviously eat Swimma, and every time she would tell me “now, now, this is a nice blue girl, it won’t eat Swimma.” On the other hand, Brittany was a fish slayer. She would haul them in one after the other. “I wanna catch another one, I wanna catch another one!” She’s very competitive and has always been. I hold these memories close to my heart.

These days fishing has become even more exciting, with all the different lures, and all the different techniques. Between the new powerful boats and sonar imaging, there’s so much going on in the industry right now. I think it’s important for us to pass along how fun and inclusive fishing can be, not only for your family but for your friends as well. It’s a great opportunity for a dad or a mother to get their child out in nature and to press pause on the tv shows, instagram posts, and facetime calls. Fishing is fun, always evolving, and it gives you an opportunity to have actual interactions and conversations with the people in our lives and to connect with nature.

Fishing is spiritual. You feel closer to God, you feel closer to nature. Regardless of everything else you’re able to breathe fresh air and think fresh thoughts. So take your friends, your children, your spouse, your loved ones or even just yourself, and get out there. Enjoy the beautiful resources we have been given and catch somethin’ good.

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Terry Rogers


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